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To run a hassle free website, you must be sincere about it, otherwise you won’t get any benefit from your website as well as your hard work will be futile. Page load time is one of the biggest problem for your site to run as well as it is good enough to destroy your site’s reputation. Page load time also fall you in distress as you won’t be able to easy and will tense every moment about it. So, it your first and foremost duty to take steps that how to decrease page load time. A slow website may harm you a lot because:

  • The ranking of your site will be chosen by Google and page speed is most important for this.
  • Your revenue stream will be killed by a slow site that you run.

Everyone loves a fast working website and expect a very handsome amount of revenue to be generated from that site. So, there are few important tricks to decrease a page load time. If you follow these steps, these steps would be good enough to decrease your page load time.

  • Pick out or Select the Best Hosting – Word-press
  • Plugins that you don’t use should be deleted
  • Decrease HTTP application at your Server
  • Images should be optimized
  • Be Aware About Your Ads
  • Gzip compression Should be Turned On
  • Try to Take the Benefits of CDNs (Contents Delivery Networks)
  • Style sheets Top – Scripts Bottom
  • External Scripts Limitation
  • Try to Utilize Well-Coded and Managed Themes – Word-press
  • All Trashes should be Taken Out
  • Jetpack Features Should be Disabled that You Don’t Utilize

Hosting selection is very significance to run a website and there few things you need to remember at the time of choosing the hosting. Choosing Word-press would be better to run a website. If you select the host that is substandard, it means, you have to suffer a long run with this particular slow website. A well decorated Word-press host as WPEngine will the best host to provide best performance. It would be the best way to decrease your page load time.

Plugins that you don’t use should be deleted. You must aware about the installation of Plugins. The principles about plugins:

  • Unnecessary plugins should be boycotted
  • Be aware about installation, because few plugins are much more trouble.

HTTP request at your server is another reason of page load time. Cancel all those are not necessary for your site except you necessary codings. CSS, Images, JavaScript those are used by you in the website expands your page load time. So, try to use as few as possible.

The another important thing is to optimize the images you use in your website. They are sometimes become the major reasons of page loading. When you upload an image to your word-press site, you must have to make sure the optimization of those images. Try to put the minimum pixel of the image with best quality in your site.

Now you must aware about the ads of your site as well as the external scripts should be limited. Try to utilize well coded word-press theme to create your site so faster and decrease your page load time.