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Bounce rate can be defined as a term of internet marketing that is used to examine web traffic. It take steps the visitor’s percentage who visit the site as well as leave it rather than rolling on viewing other pages in the same site.

The main job of bounce rate is to keep visitors visiting the website for a long term, because to create traffic, a site must need huge numbers of visitors as well.

There are few ways to get rid of junk of a site. If these can be applied, the bounce rate would be reduced as early as possible.

  • Great Content Creation
  • Target the visitors
  • Internal Linking should be inserted to get more visitors
  • Website would be easy to operate or use to the users or human
  • Must provide  a very good reason to stay long term with the website

Now, reduce the bounce rate to make your site more easier.

Delete pages to reduce bounce rate

If you observe your site very well, you may find that few pages of your site work better than others. This indicates that these are unnecessary pages and if you delete those pages, bounce rate will must reduce.

Now the question- are you sure to remove the pages. If you really do this, it would undoubtedly better for generating more visitors, because bad pages will keep your visitors stay at those pages and this distract all of your visitors from your desired goal. Bad pages of your site always keep away your visitors from good pages.

Delete Content and Reduce Bounce Rate

Suppose, you have written a long page on selling a product by spending one night as well as you thought that it would be better to sell the product if there are long description of the product. It would rather be pessimistic because the person who will buy your product may has not good enough time to read whole page. So, he/she may leave the page without reading and buying it. So, what should you do in this circumstances? it would be better to reduce the lines that are not related or unnecessary or that are not attractive to the viewers. You can delete a paragraph, bad words, bullet points, sentences and others that are not helping at all. Sometimes, you may overwrite those articles or content to make them more charming to the viewers.

If you can do this, your site would be faster and the number of visitors will increase day by day as well as the bounce rate must reduce. Another important thing you must keep in mind that the contents those are not original or mixed with junk may down your site to get rank.

Page Streamline – Decrease Bounce Rate

Another major important this is your website layout. Did think ever about it? Sometimes bad layout of a site can reduce your visitors. So, think a little bit and differentiate your site to the others’ best one and have a look on their website. You better understand about the site and do your’s one like them. They must use streamlined website and their navigation is also attractive.

So, if you can do yours one like them the bounce rate must reduce and visitors will increase.